Attach up to two files to each song.

Make the first file a video or audio. If

you have “Auto Launch” enabled that

file will automatically be launched in

your devices default program. Making it

easy to have a looping video for each

song display on a projecor on a screen

behind you to visually enhance your

stage show or autoplay a backing track -



Attach up to two links to each song

making it easy to reffer to anything

from How To Play Videos to a URL to

the bands website to your favorite

recipe website. It’s totally up to you.

Easily keep useful links for each indi-

vidual song in your list.

Future Plans

We are looking at adding a double auto launch feature that will enabe you to auto launch both files attached to the song giving you more control over your entire stage show without having to lift a finger. We are here to help you shred and take names!

Stage Manager by Mazzacom

With Stage Manager you can “Broadcast” your set list. This is an amazing feature that is insanely usefuly for bands with multiple singers and just for keeping everyone on the same page…. (pun totally intended). When you “Broadcast” your set list you are provided with a random 6 digit PIN. Users with this PIN can “Listen” in on your set list. Whenever you move to a new song, you update the listeners device and MAGICALLY display your entire setlist in order, The artist name and song title of the song you currently have selected as well as displaying the lyrics for anyone “Lisening” to your broadcast. This lets your backup singers focus on the music and let Stage Manager control what they need to see. And just in case they are aging rockers like me… they can adjust the size of the font on their individual device to suite their needs. Yeah I know, we kind of out did ourselves here…
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